Frequently Asked Questions

Can I have an bouncy castle or inflatable set up indoors in a venue or hall?
Yes you may provided there is enough space for the equipment you are hiring and always check that the ceiling heights are high enough to fit a bouncy castle in (if a bouncy castle is being hired).

How long will we get the bouncy castle we have hired for?

As long as you need it for, our delivery times are between 8am and 12noon and collection between 5pm and 7pm unless otherwise specified at the time of booking.

Do you have insurance for your bouncy castles you hire?
Yes we have insurance and public liability to the value of 5 million.

Is your eletrical equipment PAT tested which you use for your bouncy castles?

Yes all our electricals are Pat tested every 6 months

Can we collect our bouncy castle or inflatable from you instead?
No due to safety regulations and insurance purposes you may not collect the equipment from us.

Do your bouncy castles have rain covers?
Most of our bouncy castles have rain covers you can check this on our descriptions and pictures at the time of booking.

Can I Cancel my bouncy castle hire booking?

We accept that from time to time people may need to cancel a booking they have made with us, we have no problem with this, all we ask is that you let us know in good time so that we can offer the booking to other customers.

Can I hire bouncy castles overnight?
Hiring our equipment overnight comes with extra charges, please ask at the time of booking, you may hire over night if you have a secure garden i.e if your garden is at the rear of the property and you have a garden gate preferably with a lock.

How long will it take to set up and take away the bouncy castle or inflatable?

It takes approximately 30 minutes to set up a bouncy castle and 30 minutes to dismantle it.

Do you offer any multiple item asset discount if hiring more then one bouncy castle or equipment from you?
We offer package deals on most of our equipment, if you cannot find the assets you wish to hire in our packages tab then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do our best to offer a discounted rate when hiring two or more assets.

Does the Bouncy castle have to be on grass?
No our bouncy castle can be put on certain hard standing areas such as concrete or tarmac. However this does incur an additional £25 charge for the first time we do it at your address.
Bouncy castles by law require to be anchored down with at least 163kg of weight on each anchor point. Small bouncy castles have a minimum of 6 anchor points meaning a small castle requires 978kg of weight. On grass this is easily obtained by knocking large pegs into the ground. However obviously this cannot be done on hard standing. The only way to achieve this is by using sand bags however this is not viable to carry almost 1 tonne of weight per castle. Instead we drill 6 x 10mm holes and bolt the castle into the ground.
This is the only safe and realistic way to obtain the specified weight needed to ensure the castle is set up safely. Afterwards the holes are then filled with mastic to ensure the weather doesn’t damage your area.
We can also setup on slabs or block paving however this does mean you would need to remove the slabs or block where we need to place the anchor pegs.

Do I pay the same price however long i hire for?
Yes we charge the same price for 2 hours or for 8 hours unless otherwise stated on the individual items. As it is the same work involved, delivery costs, insurance etc.